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The Relationship Between Education and Developer Marketing

How much of a role do you think the relationship between education developer marketing plays? If you’ve had tons of conversations with developers, software engineers, and DevOps, you’re already aware that this segment of software users like to learn about new technologies—not marketed to—and love to stay on top of the rapidly evolving technology industry.

A software provider that invests in developer education demonstrates that they care and understand these technical audiences well — and aren’t just there to market-and-sell their product. They’re invested in the success of developers, software engineers, and DevOps users. This improves product confidence and wins the trust and loyalty of these hard-to-reach audiences — but that’s not all.

Developer education helps developers understand your product better, helping them see its value and boost product usage and adoption. Learn more about the relationship between education and developer marketing in this e-book.

What you’ll learn:

  • How education can fit into your developer marketing efforts
  • Why you should deploy developer education initiatives
  • The various ways you can deliver educational content to these hard-to-reach, but important, audiences
  • How and where to start in delivering successful learning experiences for your target audience

And more.

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