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Appsembler Tahoe vs. Open edX DIY

Appsembler Tahoe vs. Open edX DIY: Which is the better option for your training department’s needs? Get a quick, factual comparison of the two options so you can make a well-informed choice.

Appsembler has experience with both options, so our comparison chart has you covered. You don’t have to try them to compare features. Using this comparison chart, you can easily figure out which option is better suited for you.

We studied the plans available and outlined:

  • Hosting: Which option gives you better reliability? Find out about each option’s uptime, scalability, backups, and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Security and privacy: How can you maintain peace of mind regarding privacy laws, security patches, and version upgrades? Review each option’s GDPR compliance, automatic upgrades, and regular security patches.
  • Customer support: What options do you have to improve your user’s learning experience? Analyze both options’ live chat support, customer success, and training services.
  • Reporting and analytics: Do you want the ability to track learner progress and understand your return on learning? Or do deep analytics with a business intelligence connector?
  • 3rd party integrations: Which option seamlessly merges with the services you use to deliver your learning experience? Check each option’s integration with payment gateways, credentials, video hosting, CRMs, etc.

And more.

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