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The Annual State of Developer Marketing

The past couple of years have seen accelerated innovation in almost every industry — the developer community included. While some of the innovation within the developer community was born out of necessity, other advancements were brought on by the emergence of developer-first communities and their desire to derive more from the tools and resources at their disposal.

This, coupled with the rising influence of developers in purchasing decisions and the rapidly evolving state of the tech industry, has made it clear to software vendors that forging authentic, strong relationships with their developer audience is now a must.

The shift towards bottom-up decision making, where front-line developers are the ones informing technology purchases, as opposed to business executives making top-down decisions, has made one thing obvious to software marketers: developer marketing is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s a must-have.

As it stands, developer marketers are cobbling together disparate tools and resources to build a hodgepodge solution, as opposed to a unified and comprehensive one. While developer marketing is still in its infancy, the most innovative developer marketing teams are starting to forge the recipe for effectively attracting, educating, and retaining developer audiences.

The developer community is bigger than ever before, and their influence over purchasing decisions cannot be ignored. Suffice to say, figuring out how to systematically attract developers to products will be the key that shifts developer marketing from the nascent profession that it is today, into a strategic contributor in a company’s commercial functions.

Take a look at the summary image to see the current state of developer marketing and get a sense of where it is today, and what the future looks like.

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