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Metalogix, now part of Quest Software, takes pride in their ability to deliver industry leading customer support across the globe. The company has proven to be an innovator in continuing to find new ways to elevate support for employees, customers and partners alike. Tasked with scoping and implementing a major corporate initiative to better support partners in the collaboration space, the Metalogix team set out to virtually transform the way training and sales enablement would be delivered internally and to partners, completely overhauling the methods of delivering training the company relied on in the past, and pushing the Open edX envelope along the way


Challenge – Driving Change

Several overarching business requirements for the learning platform were developed including the need to support global requirements for education, boost sales enablement capabilities, optimize internal resources required for training and provide enough technical versatility to allow for a robust platform for growth and capabilities expansion.

Metalogix customers and partners span the globe. The days of traveling on-site, whiteboards and physical contact become unrealistic when looking at the breadth of organizations today – with diverse geographies and the need for customers and employees to access courses 24/7. “It was essential for us to find ways to deliver ‘on-demand’ training,” said Cathy Herbert., director of training and enablement for Metalogix. “We also knew that online learning would bring significant value to our customer and partner relationships.”

Moving to an online learning environment also allowed better utilization of internal resources. Prior to the Open edX solution, Metalogix’ product managers were required to put in significant hours developing and delivering courses. With the flexibility of the new solution, the right subject matter experts can be tapped at the right time, without having to recreate the wheel.

Finally, the solution had to offer the ability for reporting, tracking and metrics for compliance, be agile for constant improvement, have a UI that would be both easy to learn and engaging, and be extensible to allow for new functionality and growth.


Solution – Open edX: Promise and Delivery

With the requirements in place, Herbert was chartered with finding the right learning management solution. She was intrigued by and aware of the use of Open edX for MOOCs, and excited to see if it could work in a corporate environment, especially considering training is offered to customers and partners free of charge. “I decided the only way to see if Open edX was the right choice was to try it for myself,” she said. The next step was to find an implementation partner.

“We knew we needed a partner with deep expertise in the platform and understanding of how to design and extend the sometimes hidden capabilities – someone who would be willing to push past the limits of what had already been done. We found that with Appsembler,” – Cathy Herbert, Director of Training and Enablement at Metalogix


Results – Future Growth and True Partnership

The deployment is off to a great start. In only the past few months, Metalogix has deployed 16 classes, including sales and technical fundamentals, engaged with over 300 internal and external users and is adding about 40+ partners per week. “We are absolutely delighted with the response to the courses,” said Herbert. One unique and critical feature to the Metalogix solution is the integration with Salesforce. “We are able to add a level of customized, profile-based personalization for users, identifying what type of user they are and then delivering course recommendations that are fit for that individual,” added Herbert. This allows the company to also track engagement within Salesforce, generating valuable information for the organization as a whole.

“With the Salesforce integration, we are able to add a level of customized, profile-based personalization for our users, to deliver the right course recommendations.” – Cathy Herbert, Director of Training and Enablement at Metalogix

As Metalogix looks to the future, they are continuing to add courses for on-boarding for employees and partners, deeper technical training courses, new content and courses in expanded geographies, and new reporting functionality. “Of particular interest is the use of branded portals,” said Herbert. “It’s potentially an area of great importance to some of our partners and customers and we are looking closely at how that can add greater value to our relationships.”

“We look at Appsembler as a true partner in this process,” said Herbert. “Anytime I can start with ‘here’s what I’m trying to do’ and have the problem turned into a solution – quickly – is of incredible value, especially considering the pace at which we move. Appsembler proved to be, and still is, an asset to our efforts both strategically and technically.”