Cybereason partners with Appsembler

Cybereason Partners with Appsembler to Scale Cybersecurity Training

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The Challenge – Keeping Pace with Change

In a rapidly evolving market, Cybereason needed an agile training solution that would scale as quickly as they were growing. With thousands of end users, employees, and partners across the globe, their manual, in-person training program was time-consuming, costly, and outdated. Additionally, using tools like PowerPoint and webinar software to deliver training was proving ineffective for both the learners and authors: the program wasn’t measureable, hands-on, or sticky.

Realizing Cybereason’s training program was not built to scale, Mark Hoeber, Director, Training and Enablement, began looking for alternative learning platforms.


The Solution – Rapidly Launch Online Training

Mark decided to move the company’s training program from powerpoint slides and webinars to Open edX, the open source learning platform that powers thousands of learning sites around the globe. This platform opened many doors for Mark, such as allowing him to better deliver, manage and measure learning experiences with a single platform, while also standardizing Cybereason’s instructional design approach.

In 2017, Mark partnered with Appsembler to accelerate and scale how his company delivered learning experiences. With Tahoe, Appsembler’s Open edX SaaS platform, Mark was able to create, manage, and deploy a fully branded Open edX site on his own and without technical expertise within days – while transforming the way learners and authors engaged with content around the world.

“With Appsembler, we’ve been able to build a scalable learning machine that makes our customers, employees, and partners more successful.” – Mark Hoeber, Director of Training and Enablement at Cybereason

The Results – Scalable and Successful Training

With over 500 learners enrolled in Cybereason’s new digital training platform, the program has scaled to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market while keeping pace with growth. Cybereason’s corporate trainers are now spending less time building one-off instructional programs by utilizing the power of Open edX and Appsembler to build rich and mobile-responsive learning experiences that are available to employees, customers, and partners anytime and anywhere.

Not only has Cybereason saved significant time, but they’ve also largely eliminated their in-person training costs (travel, time, and lodging). These savings, coupled with Cybereason’s new online training program, have allowed Mark to focus on using the power of Open edX and Appsembler to deliver better learning experiences.