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Arrikto delivers personalized, hands-on learning experience to engage users

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Arrikto was looking for a solution to mature its Arrikto Academy course offerings and to provide a more robust, interactive, and user-friendly education experience. The company wanted to focus on educating Kubeflow users so they can help Arrikto evangelize their MLOps platform’s potential for data scientists. 

Providing the right learning environment is key if you want your users to succeed. If you aren’t able to find ways to provide an environment that engages your users, then your training won’t be as impactful as it should be. Users should be active participants in their learning process and they need interactive and engaging activities to keep them engaged.

Arrikto, a machine learning operations (MLOps) company that brings together data scientists and DevOps, was facing this problem. The company knew that using a static website for Arrikto Academy — its education platform for its Kubeflow MLOps platform — would not meet the needs of its users and align with its skills-based approach to education.

Challenges: Enabling Users to be Self-Sufficient Learners

Arrikto Academy offers self-paced courses that teach data scientists and engineers to be self-sufficient with Kubeflow, which is the preferred MLOps platform of many Fortune 500 enterprises. 

They needed a platform that would enable users to move beyond remembering or understanding, and instead teach data scientists and engineers to be self-sufficient with Kubeflow. This user enablement would help Arrikto achieve their mission of pioneering Kubeflow skills-based education and ensure that their users could see a clear progression as they navigated their way through courses.

Prior to implementing Appsembler’s online training software, Appsembler Tahoe, Arrikto Academy was a static website. It lacked important functionality, such as quizzes, shareable certificates, interactivity, personalized content, and the ability to give feedback. 

“If you’re not giving your end-users an experience they want to engage in, then you’re already adding friction for their capacity to learn — and learning this stuff can already be hard,” says Alex Aidun, Director of Education at Arrikto. 

“My job is to reduce the friction as much as possible to enable our users to develop a foundational understanding of our product.”

Solution: Appsembler Tahoe

To overcome their challenges, Arrikto partnered with Appsembler to deliver an enhanced version of Arrikto Academy. Arrikto implemented Appsembler’s Developer Education Platform to enable the company to provide their developer community with media-rich self-paced courses.

Now, Arrikto Academy users get access to personalized dashboards and tailored learning paths, and the ability to track and save course progress.

Benefits: Enhanced Learning Experience

Arrikto Academy users can access a personalized dashboard where they can customize their account and profile. Within the dashboard, users can view and search their active courses, resume in-progress courses, and access certificates. 

By hosting their courses in Appsembler, Arrikto can now offer users improved usability and interactivity along with enhanced analytics. With the on-demand, self-paced courses, learners can also save their progress and pick up where they left off. 

As Arrikto has found the Appsembler platform easy to build courses in, it means they can provide more personalized and customized content and learning experiences faster. 

“We can develop faster, which means we can accommodate more user requests and personalize better,” says Aidun.

Once learners have completed a course, users receive an HTML certificate that includes their name, course, and date of completion. These certificates are shareable on LinkedIn and other mediums. 

After implementing Appsembler Tahoe, Arrikto has also been able to strengthen their educational developer marketing initiatives.

“The interactivity and hands-on challenges reduce the friction and allow our developer community to build a foundational understanding of the Kubeflow ecosystem and grow their skills,” explains Aidun.

Next Steps: Adding More Course Content

Currently, Arrikto offers six courses and five tutorials, along with a badge, and with the help of Appsembler, they are rapidly adding more. These courses will focus on areas such as:

  • Scaling and empowering Data Science and Machine Learning Ops teams
  • Managing security policies for Kubeflow pods
  • Version control and management 
  • Kubeflow pipeline analysis and troubleshooting

To learn about Kubeflow and stay up-to-date on Arrikto’s new courses, visit Arrikto Academy