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[TEMPLATE] Product Marketing Manager Job Description

A quick search for the job “product marketing manager” in the US on LinkedIn returns around 100,000 search results. Product marketing managers are in high demand and recruiting for this role is a tough job. The recruitment process is doubly tough if you haven’t created a job description that specifies exactly what you’re looking for and details the benefits and why people should want to work at your company. 

To help you work out what you’re looking for and create a job description that reflects that, we’ve put together a template that you can use for your next hires. You can pick and choose the information that works for your industry, product, and seniority level. The product marketing manager job description details:

  • Key responsibilities
  • Skills, knowledge, and expertise
  • Benefits

Key Responsibilities

  • Thoroughly understand the product and be able to talk to a technical audience about its features and functionality
  • Undertake market research projects that uncover customer pain pains and needs and use this insight to shape marketing campaigns and create product positioning 
  • Get to know your competitors’ product offerings and the market landscape
  • Define and manage a go-to-market strategy and plan for your product
  • Identify your target audience, create buyer personas and ensure content and marketing plans serve these personas
  • Create compelling and educational marketing content that helps your audience understand your product and drives adoption
  • Proactively research and stay up to date with industry and product trends and create market reports based on these findings 
  • Serve as an advocate for users’ needs and leverage customer feedback to drive continuous product improvement
  • Build up a community around your product, as well as participate in other technical communities and provide thought leadership and answers to technical product questions 
  • Define metrics to track and report on the performance of marketing campaigns 
  • Collaborate with other team members and communicate feedback from your audience to technical teams to help drive product vision and roadmap
  • Support the growth of client acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and up-sell
  • Train salespeople to sell the product to the audience

Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise

  • Past experience driving new business segments and creating go-to-market strategies to launch new products
  • Experience developing product-related content and understanding how it helps the audience better understand the product
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, especially with a technical audience
  • Experience using data and metrics and an analytical mindset that can help drive improvements and shape product roadmaps
  • Ability to seamlessly collaborate with global cross-functional teams, including product managers, solutions, engineering, sales, and design
  • Proven record of owning a product marketing strategy and communicating results with founders
  • Experience in B2B marketing, preferably for companies that sold developer-focused products
  • Understanding of the market and competitive landscape
  • Enjoy learning about new tech, sharing stories, and building developer communities
  • Ability to build adoption and engagement of new and existing product lines and features


As well as explaining what you’re looking for in a product marketing manager, you also need to sell the job to encourage a high caliber of applicants. Here are some benefits you could include in all your technical marketing job descriptions:

  • Flexible approach to work
  • Access to innovative technology and new products and features
  • Opportunity to influence product development and provide input to product strategy and roadmaps
  • Ability to connect and engage with technical end-users and collaborate with cross-functional teams located across the world
  • Competitive base salary and a rewarding bonus scheme
  • Learning and development opportunities

Be Flexible When Hiring Product Marketing Managers

With such a competitive job market, you might need to be flexible with exactly what you expect from candidates. Define must-haves according to your company and team goals and then be willing to compromise on the nice-to-haves.

Also, remember not to overwhelm your prospective candidates by creating a lengthy job description. Keep it concise so you can attract candidates’ attention and don’t take up too much of their time.