Appsembler CodeGrade Integration
CodeGrade integration

Spotlight Course: Appsembler and CodeGrade Integration

In this article, we’ll delve into the powerful integration between Appsembler’s online training platform, Tahoe, and CodeGrade, a flexible autograder for coding education. Discover how this integration revolutionizes the code grading process, enhances learners’ experience, and saves valuable time. From seamless submission and instant feedback to automated grading and insightful analytics, this integration offers a comprehensive solution for efficient coding education

Key Takeaways:

  • Streamline code grading: The integration automates the code grading process, eliminating the need for manual evaluation and saving time and resources.
  • Instant feedback and resubmission: Learners receive immediate feedback on their coding assignments and can iterate on their work, improving their skills through continuous learning.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Peer feedback and inline comments foster a collaborative environment, allowing learners to share insights and improve their coding abilities collectively.
  • Plagiarism detection and assignment analytics: CodeGrade offers essential features like plagiarism detection and assignment analytics, ensuring academic integrity and providing valuable insights into learner performance.
  • Diverse language support: CodeGrade accommodates various programming languages, making it a versatile solution for coding education across different disciplines.


Are you tired of spending excessive time, money, and resources on manually grading learners’ coding work? We understand the challenges faced by developer marketing and training customers when it comes to grading coding assignments at scale. That’s why we’re excited to share the integration of Appsembler’s Tahoe, our online training platform, with CodeGrade, a versatile learning platform and autograder for coding education.

By leveraging Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), we have seamlessly connected Appsembler Tahoe with CodeGrade, providing an automated code grading process that saves you valuable time and effort. Our Integration Spotlight course, available through Appsembler Academy, is designed to familiarize you with the essential integration, its practical implementation, and the significant benefits it brings to your business.

Discover the Power of Appsembler Tahoe-CodeGrade Integration

With the Tahoe-CodeGrade integration, learners can conveniently submit their coding assignments through the Tahoe platform. CodeGrade instantly provides feedback on their work, highlighting both their accomplishments and areas for improvement. Learners can iterate on their code, resubmit their assignment, and receive immediate grading.

CodeGrade utilizes a rubric to automatically send assignment results back to the grade center in Tahoe. Additionally, you can provide inline comments using snippets, eliminating the need or repetitive feedback. With peer feedback, learners can contribute their insights to each other’s work, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Exciting Features of the CodeGrade Integration

  • Plagiarism detection: Safeguard the integrity of assignments.
  • Assignment analytics: Gain valuable insights into learner performance.
  • Custom roles and permissions: Tailor access levels to your specific requirements.
  • RESTful API: Seamlessly integrate CodeGrade with your exisiting tools.
  • Hand-in requirements: Set guidelines for learners’ assignment submissions.
  • Support for all programming languages: Accomodate diverse coding needs.

To understand more about how CodeGrade works and see the auto-grading functionality in action, watch the video below.

How Does the CodeGrade Integration Work?

The CodeGrade integrates with Tahoe relies on the LTI Consumer XBlock, which securely shares learner data with third-party tools following the LTI standard. When a learner submits a code assignment, CodeGrade initiates an AutoTest VM, capable of running various test combinations. Once the grading process is complete, the grades are sent back to Tahoe.

Unlock the Full Potential with the Tahoe-CodeGrade Integration Course

To ensure that you make the most of the integration’s capabilities, we’ve developed the Integration Spotlight Course. This comprehensive course comprises three sections:

  1. Introduction: Gain insights into CodeGrade’s functionality, its development history, and the reasons behind its creation
  2. CodeGrade in Action: Dive deeper into the integration’s inner workings through hands-on demos of autogradings with Python and Java. Explore case studies featuring CodeGrade implementation in a teacherless course. Experience two live coding exercises within CodeGrade, allowing you to adopt a learner’s perspective.
  3. Wrapping Up: Take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a personalized demo of CodeGrade or Appsembler Academy.

Participate in the Tahoe-CodeGrade Integration Spotlight Course

The Integration Spotlight course, along with Appsembler Academy, welcomes everyone, regardless of their existing Appsembler customer status. Enrolling in the course takes just a few seconds, enabling you to explore the possibilities of Tahoe firsthand.

Looking Ahead

We are committed to helping our customers harness the full potential of Appsembler Tahoe and its integrations. In line with this commitment, we are planning to create additional short integration spotlight courses. These courses will provide hands-on experiences with third-party integrations, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of Tahoe.

We’ve launched the Tahoe-CodeGrade course and it’s our first course of its kind. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please let us know which aspects you find most useful and what you would like to see more of in the future.