Arrikto selects Appsembler to run Academy

MLOps Platform Arrikto Selects Appsembler to Power Arrikto Academy

Appsembler is excited to announce that Arrikto has chosen Appsembler to power Arrikto Academy. 

Arrikto Academy provides the Arrikto community with self-paced courses that teach data scientists and engineers to be self-sufficient with its Kubeflow machine learning operations (MLOps) platform. Arrikto’s Enterprise Kubeflow is the preferred MLOps platform of many Fortune 500 enterprises. 

The goal of the Academy is to enable data scientists to move beyond remembering and understanding to being able to transform existing Python code to create Kubeflow pipelines. 

With this partnership, Appsembler enables Arrikto to take its Academy to the next level and provide an interactive and immersive learning experience, with personalized and tailored courses and learning paths that best serve the developer community.

Transforming the Learning Experience

Prior to implementing Appsembler’s online training software, Tahoe, Arrikto Academy was a static website. It lacked important functionality, such as quizzes, shareable certificates, interactivity, personalized content, and the ability to give feedback. As a company that prioritizes educating their end users and taking a skills-based approach to education, this was not meeting their needs or providing the right learning environment to enable their users to succeed.

“Arrikto is a team of teachers. We don’t want education to be responsive; we want it to be prescriptive,” explains Alex Aidun, Director of Education at Arrikto. “If people are coming to you and saying, ‘what do I need to do to be successful?’, then we’re not giving them the right path to success.”

After implementing Appsembler Tahoe, Arrikto can provide users with personalized dashboards, auto-enrollment, tailored learning paths, hands-on sandboxes, and the ability to track and save course progress. As Arrikto has found the Appsembler platform easy to build courses in, it means they can provide more personalized and customized content and learning experiences faster. 

“We can develop faster, which means we can accommodate more user requests and personalize better,” says Aidun. “For example, one thing that I like to do for our customers is to create custom tiles or programs. When I was recently on a call with a customer, we recorded the session. We will then put the content discussed on the call into a course group specifically for that customer. When their users log in, they’ll see the general catalog and they’ll also see a course created just for them.”

Improving Developer Education Initiatives

According to Aidun, Appsembler has transformed the overall learning experience for their course users, which has strengthened their educational developer marketing initiatives.

“If you’re not giving your end-users an experience they want to engage in, then you’re already adding friction for their capacity to learn — and learning this stuff can already be hard,” explains Aidun. “Appsembler provides users with a clean and straightforward learning experience. The interactivity and hands-on product sandboxes reduce the friction and allow our developer community to build a foundational understanding of the Kubeflow ecosystem and grow their skills.”