Developer Marketer Job Description
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Developer Marketer Job Description Template: Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise

Currently, only 43% of software companies have a dedicated developer marketing team, yet developers are influencing more and more purchase decisions and playing a part in controlling a company’s technology budgets. And to add to that, the developer population is expected to grow to 45 million by 2030 – so their influence and buying power over technology purchases will only grow over time. So we have provided a developer marketing job description as a guide.

If you’re still unsure about the importance of developer marketing, consider this: 

  1. Atlassian sold $320 million of software in 2015 using a product-led, developer-first sales model (as opposed to the high-touch, high-cost traditional sales model). 
  2. Stripe, Synk, and MongoDB (with ~$400 billion in market value) have all reached high market valuations due to their success with developers (Source).
  3. Developer marketing increases the number of developers who are aware of your product and helps your developer community (who have buying influence over your product) to become more educated about your product’s benefits, use cases, and real-life applications.

With this in mind, we’ve created a template for a developer marketing job description. Use it to assemble your new developer marketing team. 

Key Responsibilities

Developer marketing is not like traditional marketing. It requires an entirely different approach, which not all marketers will be familiar with. It’s important to highlight that in the job description. Here are some key, developer marketing responsibilities to include:

  • Engage developers by setting up an educational developer marketing initiative that helps technical audiences to learn – not be marketed or sold to – about your products
  • Plan, define, and develop a dedicated developer zone with educational content that speaks developers’ language and is free of traditional marketing jargon 
  • Create interactive, engaging developer documentation, including quizzes, polls, surveys, videos, FAQs, and discussion forums
  • Bring your company’s educational experience to life by incorporating hands-on sandboxes that give developers frictionless access to a live, production-level version of your product
  • Build relationships and trust with developers through community building, participating in discussions, and sharing thought leadership
  • Be technically informed about your products’ competitive landscape
  • Become the go-to expert for your company’s developer-related features and help shape the developer-focused product strategy and roadmap
  • Support product releases with hands-on and educational documentation
  • Analyze and evaluate promotional programs aimed at technical audiences
  • Report on developer marketing’s performance to key stakeholders and the C-suite