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Webinar: Trinity Education Group

Watch how we and Trinity scaled Open edX for tens of thousands of students.

Feat. Clyde Boyer of Trinity Education Group

Open edX: How to use E-Commerce Features

This video takes a look at how to use Open edX’s e-commerce features to sell courses and verified certificates.

SCORM XBlock demo

Demonstrate the the SCORM XBlock which allows you to upload SCORM content into Open edX.

Creating the lab environments

This video demonstrates how a course author can curate a lab environment for a student. In this example, we show launching a generic Jupyter notebook, uploading a notebook, snapshotting it as an image, creating a project for student use, and adding it to the Open edX course.

Using the Container Launcher XBlock in Open edX

The Container Launcher XBlock is used in conjunction with the Appsembler Virtual Labs service (aka “Wharf”) and allows you to embed lab environments in your Open edX courses.

Virtual Labs demo

The Appsembler Virtual Software Labs (aka “Wharf”) is a product that makes it easy to create student lab environments where students can conduct hands-on exercises, using software or writing code. We’ll also demonstrate how to embed these lab environments inside an Open edX course with the Container Launcher XBlock.