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Replace your filing cabinets and digitize your documents with Mayan

2969_162521130095_868540095_6777827_2062753_nWouldn’t it be great if you could always find that document you were looking for? When looking around for high quality open source software, I came across Mayan, an electronic document management system (or EDMS for short), and reached out to the author, Roberto Rosario.

What makes Mayan impressive is not only software itself, but the passion that Roberto has for his software. One need only look at his tireless dedication to responding to questions on the mailing list or promptly fixing reported bugs, to see that Roberto epitomizes the exceptional open source community leader.

In the last few months, I’ve had many conversations with Roberto, both by email and Skype, and have grown to admire and respect the thought and care that he’s put into Mayan.

The software is rich with features including document search linking, tagging, indexing, commenting, user defined metadata and more. You can even upload scanned documents and they are OCRed for fast searching. Mayan is also multilingual and has been translated into several languages.

And so we’re super excited to announce that Mayan is now available as a hosted service on Appsembler. With one-click you can launch your very own trial Mayan site and start playing with the software in a few minutes. Each site provides full admin privileges so you can kick the tires and look under the hood.

It’s been a dream of Roberto’s to provide a cloud offering of Mayan, and we’re absolutely thrilled to finally make that dream a reality! Thanks Roberto for making such awesome software.


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