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Watch: Open edX XBlocks Webinar featuring Ned Batchelder of edX

Ned Batchelder, senior edX architect, joined Appsembler CEO Nate Aune for a live webinar exploring the building block of Open edx: the XBlock. They discussed everything from what they are to what kinds are available and how to create them.

The webinar involved a general walkthrough by Nate, followed by a slightly more technical walkthrough from Ned, and ended with a Q&A session.

Nate and Ned’s slides are available for you to check out here:

Watch the full 29 minute video below, or scroll down to jump to specific parts of the video.


Table of Contents

  • Survey of XBlocks for Extending Open edX – 1:27
  • Open edX XBlock Technical Details – 9:49
  • Q&A
    • Are all of the publicly available XBlocks free or are some of them being charged for? – 17:26
    • Do XBlocks work in all successive releases? If you created one for Cypress, does it work in Dogwood and will they work forever? – 19:13
    • Is an XBlock basically like a plugin for WordPress? – 22:40
    • So right now, XBlocks are only used within the actual courseware? – 23:59
    • What are asides? – 24:34
    • What are the issues around the security of Xblocks? Who vets them? What about integration with authentications and so forth? – 26:27
    • Are XBlocks responsive? How do they relate to the mobile apps? – 27:52



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