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Watch: Boston Meetup on Open edX XBlocks & JSInput

Last week, the monthly Boston Open edX Meetup took place at the edX headquarters in Cambridge. It was an opportunity to enjoy the food and drink with good company — and learn! This month’s focus was on Open edX XBlocks, which seemed fitting since we just hosted a webinar on the subject, which you can check out here.

There were three presentations. The first was given by John Eskew, Principal Software Engineer at edX, who talked about – in a bit more technical detail – about what an XBlock is, what it is composed of, and if you can build one (Spoiler: you can). Second, our own Louis Gudema gave a look at some of the Open edX XBlocks that are available now and how they are being used to extend Open edX. Finally, Colin Fredericks, Senior Project Lead at HarvardX, spoke on the role of JavaScript and customization in Open edX.

Watch the video in full below, or select a particular moment via the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

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