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What’s in the Tahoe Pro plan?

Most of our customers need integrations, customization, and detailed control over their site. This is where a Tahoe Pro plan can help! Here's what you gain by turning Pro:
A Custom URL is one of the easiest ways to build your brand, engage learners, and develop a consistent user experience. Plus, a custom domain helps your organization get found on the internet, while providing a seamless way for learners to find, revisit, and share the courses on your site.
Offer different sets of courses to learners, depending on their group membership.  Set courses as public to all, or make them visible only to the groups of learners you specify.
Help your learners seamlessly register for and log in to your training site with Single Sign-on. No more admin time wasted on user access issues. Learners sign in just once to your company’s central login to securely and easily gain access to your courses.
Implementing a truly custom look-and-feel across your site is now easier than ever. Use the CSS Editor to create beautiful custom courses, and present whatever content you can dream up, without being limited by restrictions or templates.
Add special page elements, including advertisements or even a chat widget that enables your learners to easily get in touch with you. Improve SEO or simply track clicks and other interactions on your Tahoe site. Google Tag Manager is a powerful, multi-use tool!

There are a lot of use cases for Tag Manager. If you're unfamiliar with them, your marketing department probably isn't. Here's how you can set up your Tahoe site to be able to use them.

Need to offer courses to non-English learners? Our Translation Tools can help you deliver localized info and course content to your learners in other languages. We currently support French (CA), Japanese, Spanish (Latin America) and Portuguese (Brazil). 
Dedicated Training
New to Open edX or e-learning? All Pro customers receive a live (via web) training session to bring your staff up to speed quickly on Open edX, Studio, your LMS, and Figures.

See our Roadmap for more features that are soon headed you way! And for more on Starter vs. Pro vs. Premium, check out our Pricing page. You can also ask your Customer Success Manager for more info,