Welcome to AMC: A Dashboard Overview - Appsembler

Welcome to AMC: A Dashboard Overview

The very first place you will find yourself in AMC is the Dashboard. This is the hub for all of your activity on AMC, and it should look something like this:

There are three main sections I’d like to go over here. 

1. The Header

The header is the top of the page and will show you the URL to your LMS (Learning Management System), where your students will be able to access your courses, and to your Studio page, where your course authors will be able to create their Open edX courses.

2. Sidebar

The Sidebar is probably the most important part of your Dashboard, because this is where all of the links exist to the various parts of AMC. This is how you will access everything from managing your users to editing the entire look and feel for your Open edX site. 

3. Announcements

The Announcements section is the central part of your AMC dashboard. It is here that you will see announcements from us, Appsembler. We’ll be letting you know about all kinds of things from product updates to any alerts to potential issues we might run across. It will be a good idea to check in here periodically.


If you noticed this little chat icon in the lower-right side of the screen, you have a good eye! This is a way to directly communicate with us at Appsembler. Just click here and type a message. We’ll see it and someone will respond within no more than an hour.