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Using ecommerce and bulk enrollment

Some Tahoe users may need a work around for ecommerce until it is enabled on the platform.

Learners could enroll/purchase a course in Marketo, for example. Then the customer would:

1) Download all the email addresses that you captured in Marketo as a CSV file
2) Copy all the email addresses and paste them into the batch enrollment field in the membership screen of the instructor dashboard.
3) If you didn’t want to use Open edX to send the email, you could uncheck the box that says “Notify users by email”
The system will still send out an email when they register on the system to confirm their email address, but that registration step can come later after you do the batch enrollment step.
When they register, they’ll see a notice like this
You’re almost there!
There’s just one more step: Before you enroll in a course, you need to activate your account. We’ve sent an email message to with instructions for activating your account. If you don’t receive this message, check your spam folder.
And then when they check their email, they’ll get an email message that looks like this: (hopefully we’d be able to get this changed to something more like
Subject: Activate Your Redis University Account

Thank you for creating an account with Redis University!

There’s just one more step before you can enroll in a course: you need to activate your Redis University account. To activate your account, click the following link. If that doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into your browser’s address bar.
If you didn’t create an account, you don’t need to do anything; you won’t receive any more email from us. If you need assistance, please do not reply to this email message. Check the help section of the Sample Training website.

So that link that is embedded in the email message is a unique activation link that pertains to this particular student. So I’m not sure how you could send that email from Marketo. I think it has to be sent from our system since our system is generating that unique URL for the student to click on to activate their account.

Customer pushback: I think an alternative would be to to turn off the email from Appsembler. With a daily download of registrations we can upload into Marketo and then send from there.

The problem with turning off the email from Appsembler is that the email that gets sent out to the student when they register contains a unique email verification link. 
So you could send out the welcome emails from Marketo, but the account would be marked as inactive until they click on the link in that email message.

Appsembler response: Ideally a robust API interrogation, of better still a SSO would solve this – but time is limited.

Yes, this is what we’ve done for other customers (see SSO is available on Tahoe Pro (the plan that you’re on), but the API integration is currently only available on our Enterprise plan.
They will be auto-enrolled but only after they create a user account with their password. And as part of that process, they need to confirm their email address by clicking on the link in the email that gets sent to them.
We could look into whether that step could be skipped, but it’s pretty important to make sure the user didn’t mistype their address.