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Troubleshooting certificates on Tahoe

Tahoe customer says certificates are not being generated for a course.

Here are a few steps to troubleshoot certificates:

1. Go to AMC to check that certs are enabled for the site

2. Go to the instructor dashboard for that course, check that self-generated certificates are turned on.

3. Go to Studio to check that the course has certs enabled in the Settings>Certificates menu and make sure you can Preview the cert

4. Still in Studio, go to Advanced settings to check the value of Certificates Display Behavior (by default it’s set to end ) which means it’ll be set after the course ends. So check the course schedule.

5. Still in Studio, check what’s the grading policy.

Problem: Tahoe customer says certificate previews aren’t working. Error message like:

Cannot Find Certificate

We cannot find a certificate with this URL or ID number. If you are trying to validate a certificate, make sure that the URL or ID number is correct. If you are sure that the URL or ID number is correct, contact support.

Solution: This error occurs because the Staff member or instructor isn’t logged into LMS (which generates and displays the cert). Have them log into the LMS. (yes, yes, it would be nice if sessions carried over so that logging into Studio/LMS/AMC would also log you into the other parts.)