Steps to test the hot-swapping stuff - Appsembler

Steps to test the hot-swapping stuff

This is not tested so adjust when needed (but should be pretty close):

  1. in your launcher repo folder: git fetch / git checkout -t origin/84-hipache-hotswapping
  2. edit deploy/hosts/vagrant/group_vars/launcher and replace git_repo_branch: feature/shipyard-ansible with git_repo_branch: 84-hipache-hotswapping
  3. copy LAUNCHER_IP variable from secret_vars.yml.example to your secret_vars.yml
  4. vagrant destroy launcher / vagrant up launcher [let’s try a fresh env]
  5. add edX lite project based on the one in BUT set the expiration time to e.g. 2 minutes to be able to quickly see the outcome of the expiration
  6. vagrant ssh launcher / tail -F tail -F /var/log/supervisor/celery.log [lurk here often]
  7. deploy edX lite, check that the URLs work
  8. wait the 2 minutes, lurk at the celery log
  9. app should expire, the URLs should now point to the expiration page
  10. go to, select the expired app and pick the “Restore expired apps” action from the dropdown. That should make the app alive so check again the URLs.