Status page updates - Appsembler

Status page updates

The Appsembler Status Page provides clear insight into the health and performance of Tahoe, Appsembler’s SaaS Open edX platform. This article details what you need to do to update this page.

1. Go to

2. Sign in, you have a personal account registered to If you don’t have a password saved, do a reset, because your account definitely exists. Google sign in will not work because of the whole Noderabbit/Appsembler thing

3. Click New Incident and fill out a summary of what’s up.

    1. Give it a SHORT Incident name that captures what is happening (see previous incident names here)
    2. Select an Incident status. (Engineering should give you this.) 
    3. For Message, describe the issue, what is affected, what to expect. Engineering should help with this. Strive for concise, transparent, apologetic (empathy), and reassuring.
    4. Get Severity info (‘Impact)’ from Engineering, and select in dropdown. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s a partial outage, major outage or otherwise. The options are:
       – Operational – all systems are performing as expected
      – Under Maintenance – Appsembler is updating the platform. Users can expect a brief outage.
      – Degraded Performance – general slowness that doesn’t completely impede progress, but will not provide an optimum experience for user
       – Partial Outage – one or just a few specific sites inaccessible with some admin functionality unavailable, but everything working for learner
       – Major Outage – inability to access the main site, log in, learners unable to make progress in their courses
    5. Select the affected component (usually will be Tahoe). 

4. When you receive a substantive update from Engineering that deserves a full status update, go to and hit update next to the incident. (The engineers will usually provide you with the text to use, but you may want to tweak it a bit just to give the ‘personalized Appsembler Customer-love touch.’

5. When issue is fixed, check in with engineering on whether the updated status should be categorized as Monitoring or Resolved. (Usually we keep status on monitoring for a bit after incidents, just to ensure things continue to run smoothly.)

6. If status set to Monitoring, set a reminder to check back in (within next few days) to see if we can change status to Resolved (so truly fixed issues don’t get left dangling as Monitoring.)