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Save time with a Course Template

Save time with a course template

Every new course in Open edX is like an identical blank slate. This means that even if you have XBlocks, files, or images that you use in all of your courses, you will still have to re-enable or re-upload them for use in any new course you create. 

To save time and effort, we recommend creating a single course that has all the XBlocks enabled, and has all the common files (files that aren’t courses specific, that you know you’ll use in multiple courses) already uploaded to Files & Uploads. 

Then, when creating a new course, you only have to export the template course (or have it already exported in some shared file system), create the new course, then import the template course in its place. Your new course will have XBlocks enabled and files uploaded, saving you that tedious work!

Note: The new course will maintain the course id information.You can change the course display name in Advanced Settings. 

See our help article on How to Export & Import a Course to give this a try!

Note: If you decide NOT to go this route, you may find these articles helpful for the manual tasks!