Reset AVL admin user password. Homer's version - Appsembler

Reset AVL admin user password. Homer’s version

First, we’re outlining the basic steps:

.  Get helpscout message from customer requesting password reset

. Log into lastpass

. Get the AppsemblerAdmin AVL password for the customer’s specific AVL instance

. Log into the AVL customer’s admin site

. Find the user in /admin/users/

. Set a new password

. Create a file with the password and instructions, replacing 

* <User real name> with the user’s real name

* <temporary password> with the real temporary password

* <customer-subdomain> with the real customer subdomain

Hi <User real name>!

Here are your Virtual Labs login details:

Site: https://<customer-subdomain>

Username: jason

Password: <temporary password>

Please head to https://<customer-subdomain> and change your password!

. Log into

. Create a new email message to the user

. Upload the password reset instructions to sharefile

. Send the helpscout reply that the temporary password sent via sharefile