Requesting Files with ShareFile - Appsembler

Requesting Files with ShareFile

Here are the steps to requesting files in a secure, encrypted manner via Citrix ShareFile.

  1. Login to using the AppsemblerAdmin Credentials that are in LastPass (shared business logins folder)
  2. Click “Request New Files” 
  3. Click Request With ShareFile 
  4. Specify where you want the files to come in. If this is a Microsoft Learning Partner, choose “[Customer Name] Courses” (If no such folder exists, you can create a new one under the “Folders” section of the Dashboard)
  5. Add your recipients and type a short message letting them know that it’s us and directing them to follow the ShareFile prompts. 
  6. Edit the message options to ensure that the customer is required to login for security purposes AND that we are receiving notifications of when they upload the files. 
  7. Click Send.