Enable Course Creator Group - Appsembler

Enable Course Creator Group

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In server-vars.yml make sure the following is set:

  STUDIO_REQUEST_EMAIL: 'xxxxx@appsembler.com'<br>


/edx/bin/update edx-platform appsembler/release

And you should be all set.


When a user logs into Studio for the first time, they will have to click a button to request studio access. This triggers an email sent to STUDIO_REQUEST_EMAIL:

User 'tjkteststudio2' with e-mail tj+teststudio2@appsembler.com has requested Studio course creator privileges on edge.To grant or deny this request, use the course creator admin table.  <a href="http://learn.commcarehq.org/admin/course_creators/coursecreator/">http://learn.commcarehq.org/admin/course_creators/coursecreator/</a><br>


You’ll need to give one of the customers permissions to grant course creator status.

Do this through the user admin panel: 

  1. Select a user
  2. Check the box that gives them staff status
  3. Under “user permissions” add the three items that start with “course_creator”
  4. Click the blue “save” button in the bottom right corner