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Policy – Helping trials

This is here purely due to a lack of somewhere better to store it.

When and how much do we help trials?

  • If the customer is clearly an ICP
    • We help them. As much as it takes. Until Nate says they’re not worth it any more. Check with Nate to confirm, but don’t delay helping them in the meantime.
  • If it can be solved without bugging engineering
    • We help them. As much as we’re able, short of full on training them. Until Nate says they’re not worth it any more.
    • At no point do we get on a call with them to troubleshoot or assist them in any other way unless instructed to do so by Nate.
  • If Nate says they’re worth it
    • We help them. As much as we’re able. Until Nate says they’re not worth it any more.
    • If a call is needed to continue, double check with Nate to get approval before booking one in.
  • Else
    • Non-ICP trial gets up to ~2 hours of engineering time for things like account repair and recovery, or until the engineer involved deems it too much effort to continue with troubleshooting, which they can do at any time based on their assessment of the issue.
    • After this time we let them know that while we apologise for the issues they’ve been having, and will work bug fixes into future versions of our product, any further work to resolve their issue specifically as a trial account will require approval by Nate. Feel free to tell them that, because we want them talking to Nate, and if they care enough to talk to Nate they may be a viable prospect. If they don’t care enough and they’re having more than ~2 hours of engineering issues, chances are they’ll give up on us anyway.