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Mobile apps

The edX mobile apps require you to adjust your edx-platform configuration settings in lms.env.json to enable mobile API support.

In particular, you need to add the following under the features section:

“FEATURES” : {    …    “ENABLE_MOBILE_REST_API”: true,    “ENABLE_OAUTH2_PROVIDER”: true,    …}

You also need to set the following configuration value at the top level of the configuration dictionary:


Additionally, you need to create an OAuth key and secret specific to your installation for use by the apps. You can do this by logging into the Django administration console at <YOUR_EDX_INSTALLATION>/admin.

From there, choose Clients under the Oauth2 section. If you don’t already have any clients set up, you will need to add one. Choose Add client and create a client. The client id and secret that you see will need to be added to your mobile app configuration. For more information about how to do that, see the documentation for each app linked above.

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