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Mandrillapp sending domains set-up

One of the last steps of a new standalone VM set-up is to verify the sending domains for Mandrill and set the DKIM and SPF records.

  • Go to (credentials in Lastpass)
  • Search for the domain (create it if it doesn’t exists)
  • Triple verify what you see for the domain: Email verification, SPF and DKIM
  • At the end you want to see 3 green checkmarks

Here is an example of what you may see in Mandrillapp:

  • Email verification: probably says “Requires verification”. Click on View details. Enter the email address that the customer has provided you to do the email verification (something like
  • DKIM settings: probably says “DKIM missing”. Click on “View DKIM settings”, copy the entire value and ask the customer technical contact to “Set DKIM to <that huge value>”. Here is more info.
  • SPF Settings: If it says “SPF valid”. Nothing to do. Otherwise, ask the customer technical contact to “Set SPF records <value>”. Here is more info.