Is there a way to facilitate journaling and have that available on desktop and mobile? - Appsembler

Is there a way to facilitate journaling and have that available on desktop and mobile?

The ORA XBlock unfortunately doesn’t have any journaling feature. If journaling is an important feature, you might want to look in the direction of using the Problem Builder XBlock (add “problem-builder” to Advanced Module List under Advanced Settings in Studio). 

It does allow learners to type into a free text area and then pull that answer back by showing a recap or saving it to a file. This means you could have questions throughout the content and subsections allowing the learners to pull their answers back in. Learners could then print that page to PDF, which would be a downloadable record of all their free-text answers throughout the course. If that sounds interesting to you, let me know and we could see how to get you more details or even have you try it on staging. One caveat though, this Problem Builder XBlock would need to be checked for mobile and most likely need some work to make it mobile-friendly.

Options for making the ORA XBlock mobile friendly:

Option 1: We implement a fix to take the learner out of the mobile app, open the ORA in the mobile browser and then take the learner back into the mobile app. This would be the quickest and cheapest fix.

Option 2: We do a technical investigation (spike) to further explore why the ORA Xblock doesn’t work in iOS app and fix it. Then upon success of this spike, there would be follow up work to do to fix it in the Android app. This option is formulated as a spike due to the uncertainty of the fix and the outcome of the spike could lead to Option 3.

Option 3: We build a native version of this Xblock, which would be the ideal eventual direction for this XBlock. This would ensure the best mobile-friendly experience. For this, there would be mobile and web work, we would start to build for iOS, then make updates on the web side. Then we would need to build for Android as well.