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Inviting additional course authors

> I want to get another person involved with course creation, and wonder if now

> is the time to create logins for me, him and others who might be involved.

Yes, you can send people the link and once they’ve registered on the site, you can give them access to author courses.

You can do that from the Course Team page (Settings -> Course Team)

It doesn’t matter if they register on the LMS or the CMS (Studio) – the account is shared between the two sites.

Other related question:

> I’m trying to create a new course run, but I don’t have the “Create Course” button. How do I get rights for this?

There are 2 ways to have another user author the courses:

1. Your Tahoe admin creates the courses and adds you to them. (Your Tahoe admin would essentially go to the Course Team page, then edit Settings -> Course Team)

2. Or using a different email address, your Tahoe admin adds a new account for you with the Tahoe admin permission.

Sometimes when people are given admin rights, they still don’t get course-creator permission. To fix this, find them on and change their state to “Granted”