How to upload an iOS app (after a developer has coded it) - Appsembler

How to upload an iOS app (after a developer has coded it)

If you don’t have a Mac, stop now. Only someone with a Mac can do this.

If you’re stubborn, then you can purchase Parallels for Windows, which lets you run Mac OS within Windows. It’ll be slower but it should work.

Setup Xcode

1. Ask for the version number.

Ask your developer to send you a screenshot of their Xcode > About Xcode menu from Xcode. When this guide was written, here’s what this looks like. As you can see, this is Xcode Version 10.1. 

2. Download Xcode.

Apple has a download site for old versions of Xcode. You’ll want to download the correct version of Xcode from there. This is a big download so, depending on your internet speed, it can take as little as 1 hour and as long as 24 hours to download this.

3. Rename Xcode.

I tap to rename the Xcode app icon to “Xcode_10.1” for Xcode version 10.1 for scripting reasons and so that I can run multiple versions of Xcode. I recommend you do the same for each version because it might make things easier for you in the future. I also move Xcode_10.1 into my Applications folder and I recommend you do the same so that you don’t need to do this setup again.

4. Install the iPhone simulator.

You should test the app before you upload it. To do this, you will need the iOS simulator. Open Xcode preferences and install the latest iOS simulator for testing. You will be prompted for your computer password when this download is complete.

5. Install the Xcode command line tools.

While you’re in Xcode preferences, make sure you’re using the right Xcode command line tools. If you don’t see the option for this version of Xcode available in the dropdown, return to the downloads page and download it, then try this again.

Setup Codebase

6. Download the code. 

Open Terminal. Or, download and open “iTerm 2” which is what I use and recommend as a Terminal replacement. Type in 

git clone <a href=""></a>

and press enter. Enter your credentials if prompted (if you don’t have these, go to and create an account, then ask @engineering for access to this repo). 

7. Open the project in Xcode

When the download is complete, type `pwd` and press enter to see what folder you saved the code in. Then open that in Xcode by using that path instead of mine in the following command:

open iCloud/Documents/2019/!Play/Appsembler/ios-confidential/edX.xcworkspace

8. Select a simulator

Tap the target to see a dropdown list of simulators or device. Select the simulator you would like to test. I recommend testing first on one iPhone simulator on the highest number and then on one iPad simulator on the highest number.