How to publish an Android app to the store (after a developer has uploaded it) - Appsembler

How to publish an Android app to the store (after a developer has uploaded it)


Go to You will probably see Appsembler’s screen by default. Tap the top right corner to choose “Arizona State University” and see their apps.  

The apps that say “Published” are live in the store. These are the ones we want to update to the new release. Go ahead and open “Get Your Edge”. This should open to the Dashboard for this app.

Select “Store presence” and then “Store listing”.

From the store listing, toggle “Timed publishing” to on. This will start a draft. 

If you see this popup, read it and then press “Turn On”. 

You should now see that Timed Publishing is “On”.

Select “Release Management” then “App Releases”.

Tap “MANAGE” for the Production track. This is the track for the app that is live in the store.

Tap “CREATE RELEASE” to add the release to this draft.

You will see two options for choosing the APK (the app itself) that will go live. One is from library, which you will choose if the developer has uploaded the app to Internal already. One is “browse files”, which you will choose if the developer has given you an APK to upload. If you are working with a new developer, it is common for an error to occur here due to signing issues. You may need to ask the developer to resign the APK in this case and provide it to you again. For now, with J’aime, tap “ADD FROM LIBRARY”.

Select the version that will be going out in this release and press “ADD”.

You should now see this APK listed under the option to add an APK. 

Open the external release notes for ASU. Those are here: Go to the “App Store Release Notes” for this month’s release and copy the note for Android. 

Scroll down in the draft and add the release notes here. Then press save.Once save has been successful, press “Review”.

You may see some warnings. Send them to your developer to let them know about them. Then scroll down.

Press “Start Rollout to Production”.

You may see this prompt. Press “CONFIRM”.

You are done! In 24 hours or less, the button at the top “GO LIVE” will become press-able. The customer is responsible for pressing this button. When pressed, the app goes live to the store almost immediately.