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How students verify their identity for certification

In order to receive a verified certificate, students are asked to confirm their identities. It’s a relatively simple process, but it’s something that is necessary if you plan on offering certificates for your course. Here’s how it’s done.

If you’re selling certifications, make sure you set your ID verification deadline

By default this date is the Course End date, which you set in Studio. If your course is a Professional Education course type, and you want students to verify their identities, make sure you check “Yes” underneath the ID Verification Required option. For more information on e-commerce features, check out this article.

Now when students enroll in your course, they are informed that they will require a government-issued photo ID and a webcam in order to confirm their identity. 

After the course seat or upgrade is purchased, students are asked to either verify their identities now or later. 

Whenever your students choose to verify their identities, they will take a photo of themselves and of their government issued ID. 

Currently, the camera feature uses Adobe Flash in order to access a computer’s webcam. So students will need to make sure they have Flash up to date and are using a browser that supports it. If the camera isn’t showing up in Chrome, for example, try opening the page in Safari or FireFox. 

First grant access to the camera.

Then take your photos. 

Review your photos and click confirm.