Getting AVL Data - Appsembler

Getting AVL Data

We have a few endpoints that allow us (and the customer) to get data from an AVL cluster. We don’t have any graphs at this point, and the data in general is quite raw, but we can answer many of the important questions about container usage. 

To get one of the reports from a cluster, append the “Path” to the cluster’s URL.

Note: These reports do contain data from the customer’s staff accounts. So, if I am getting a report for, e.g., Itential, even the deployments started by (and others in the company) will be counted in the report.

Raw History

We log every create, start, stop, and delete event.
TODO: Add examples of questions that can be answered with this report, including instructions about how to implement the answers to those questions.

Monthly Active Deployments

Contains monthly stats for containers and images:

    1. Images pulled
    2. Containers created
    3. Containers deleted
    4. MAD (Monthly active deployments) (Note: This field shows as “MAC” [Monthly Active Containers] in the report, but in truth it shows deployments, not containers. So, if a user has two containers per deployment, we only show one MAD.)

Note: Monthly Active Deployments does account for container stopping, not only container having been deleted. So, a deployment could in theory show up in month a, be stopped for month b, and again show up in month c. This may help when trying to understand actual memory consumption vs. reserved memory needed.