Generate Grade Report for Commcare - Appsembler

Generate Grade Report for Commcare

Commcare is running in a docker container, so doesn’t have xqueue installed. This means that they can’t generate grade reports.

Steps for manually generating report:

1. Jump into container and run command

docker exec -it commcare bash

cd /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform

source ../edxapp_env

python lms –settings=docker dump_grades course-v1:dimagi+CC302+01 /tmp/gradesOutCommC.csv 


2. Figure out IP address of container and scp file to host computer’s filesystems

docker inspect commcare | grep Addr

(download insecure_key if it’s not already there)

     chmod 600 insecure_key
scp -i insecure_key
3. Scp the file from gcloud to your local computer and attach to email
scp*.csv .