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Fixing Missing OAuth Keys — Spinning Box


So, there’s a spinning cube! Not cool, we’d like to fix it. It mostly happens because of user’s OAuth token (like a user password, used in APIs) is either missing or out of sync between the AMC app (aka Tahoe management console) and the LMS. Another common case is that the user is not affiliated with the organization.

The steps in this document should help to solve both issues.

The Usual Admin Warning x2

This is a superuser feature, it affects production users. Omar built it as a stopgap solution until we actually solve the root cause.

If something doesn’t feel right, please feel free to ask an engineer. Ask for help, or even ask for engineers to do it. It’s a lot easier to fix the issue manually than to revert something that has gone wrong.

For Engineers

There’s a Runbook to fix the Tahoe Spinning Box check that out.

How to Sync OAuth and Organization Issues

IMPORTANT: Use the search box in the user admin of the LMS (That’s the LMS admin – not AMC admin – :

1) Click on the ” AMC Admin Form” button:

2) You’ll get the magical form:

What to look for?

  • The username and email are correct, if not, go back and find another user.
  • If the organization name is missing, it should be the same as the course organization ID:
  • Access/Refresh token are missing, or expired. Do nothing, yet.
  • Click on the submit button “Reset Tokens, Make AMC Admin
  • You’re back on the same page, with supposedly everything fixed. If so, great. Otherwise, pull an engineer for help.

3) Find the user on the AMC admin by clicking on the ” Locate user in AMC Admin” button, or just search for that user on AMC admin.

4) In AMC Admin scroll down to the  OAuth Tokens section. Now, copy the values from the LMS Admin ( form to the AMC Admin form (

Copy from here: copy from the LMS admin

And paste into here:  paste into AMC admin page

  • Make sure the Access token, Refresh token, and Expires at time all match on both admin pages.
  • Set Token type to Bearer

5) Save the user in the AMC admin page. 

6) Go back and hijack the user in an Incognito Browser Mode, the spinning cube should go away.

7) Notify the user that it should now be working