Extending the Open edX Platform - Appsembler

Extending the Open edX Platform

There are many ways to extend the platform if the out-of-the-box features don’t meet your needs. 

  • XBlocks: You can choose among the many XBlocks that are installed already in your Tahoe site (The PDF XBlock has been installed and should also be on this list), and we’re constantly adding new 3rd party XBlocks as they are requested by our customers. 
  • LTI: You can also use the LTI Consumer XBlock to embed hundreds of LTI compatible add-ons. See those listed here: http://eduappcenter.com
  • Oppia: The Oppia XBlock lets you embed many interactive modules to your Open edX site
  • JSInput: You can build your own modules in Javascript with JSInput to get and set student activity in Open edX.
  • External Grader module: You can build a service that Open edX talks to to receive learner responses, grade them, and send back the grades to Open edX. We’ve been exploring the use of this with NBGrader to grade assignments submitted to a JupterNotebook, but you could use it for anything that you want to grade.