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Explaining the Learners Progress Overview (LPO) in Figures

What are the “sections” in the LPO? 

The Learner Progress Overview reports metrics based on the number of subsections (labelled “Sections” currently) that contain any content that can award points, regardless of whether those subsections are part of the grading criteria. For example, a course with 4 graded subsections, 5 ungraded subsections that have practice problems and 2 subsections that contain only video would show up on the Learner Progress Overview as having 9 “Sections”.

Definition of Metrics

  • Progress: The percent – displayed as a decimal – of the sections metric the learner has worked
  • Sections: The number of total subsections with problem components that the learner has worked out of the total number of subsections containing problem components. 
    • ⚠️ This number ignores a course’s grade policy.
  • Points: [Currently unclear. To be added soon…]