Enabling internationalization (i18n) for Tahoe admins - Appsembler

Enabling internationalization (i18n) for Tahoe admins

Log into https://amc-app.appsembler.com/admin/ with your super user account

Scroll down to the Waffle section, and click on Flags. (Shortcut: https://amc-app.appsembler.com/admin/waffle/flag/)

Click on translation-tools

Scroll to Users and click on the magnifying glass icon 

Search for the user for which you would like to grant internationalization access. This user should be a Tahoe admin for the organization and the primary user of the management console. 

Click on the username for the desired user. 

FYI: You will now see a new user number in the field next to Users.

Click Save

There’s also a screen capture video of this process here: https://www.loom.com/share/12cae7b7bc424efa83257ffafe538429