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Enabling embargo feature for Tahoe courses

Basic Blacklisting

IMPORTANT: Because this is a course-level feature, this is a task that must be done for each individual course that a customer wishes to embargo. It’s not a site-wide or microsite-wide feature.

HOWEVER! When you create a new course run from a course that has already been embargoed, it applies the same embargoed countries to the new course run.

For US-Based clients, this list of embargoed/sanctioned countries is helpful.

1. Go to  https://tahoe.appsembler.com/admin/

NOTE: If you have different credentials for the AMC side of Tahoe than you do from the Open edX side, know that this this is the Open edX side. Therefore, you must login using the same credentials you use to log into any Tahoe LMS (but with username only, because it’s /admin).

2. Click on Embargo (shortcut: https://tahoe.appsembler.com/admin/embargo/)

3. Next to Restricted courses click +Add

4. Copy the course key for the course you want to embargo (like this: course-v1:appsembler-learning+Duplicate101+2017), and paste it into the Course key field. 

5. Under Country access rule, use the Country drop down menu to select the country you wish to embargo 

6. To add more countries, click Add another Country access rule 

7. Repeat the process for as many countries as necessary. 

8. Click Save 

Additional Info

What about previously-enrolled learners?

The Disable access check checkbox is disabled by default. This means that if a user from an embargoed country has already enrolled in a course before you add the embargo rule, they will not be able to access the course after the rule is added. Even if a user has completed 99% of a course, after the rule is added and they click on the course in their dashboard, they will not be able to access it. 

If you wish to allow previously-enrolled learners (Ask the customer!!), between steps 4 and 5 above, be sure to tick the Disable access check box. 

What about IP address filters?

  • IP address filters can be added at https://tahoe.appsembler.com/admin/embargo/ipfilter/
  • IP address filters override country filters. So:
    • You can add whitelist IP addresses so that specific users in embargoed countries can still access the course
    • You can add blacklist IP addresses for the opposite reason – prevent specific users from non-embargoed countries from accessing the course

To add an IP address filter:

  1. Go to https://tahoe.appsembler.com/admin/embargo/ipfilter/
  2. Click Add ip filter +
  3. Check the Enabled checkbox
  4. Paste the IP addresses in either the Whitelist: or Blacklist: text boxes as required.
  5. Click Save