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Enabling a new course organization

As of October 2020, Tahoe standalone sites require some manual setup to enable organizations for use in courses as course orgs, and to enable their inclusion in LMS course listings.  New standalone Tahoe customers sites should launch with all of the known organizations entered.

  1. Add to Site Configuration course orgs
    1. In Django admin, browse to Site Configurations.  Edit the most recent enabled SiteConfiguration.  
    2. Find the `course_org_filter` key.  It will have a value like: 
    3. Add a new org string to this list.  Make sure it is enclosed in double quotes, and to not leave a trailing comma after the last entry within the square brackets.
    4. Save the Site Configuration.
    5. If you get any error messages, get help from a developer.
  2. Add a matching Organization
    1. In Django admin, browse to Organizations.  Select Add New
    2. If your organization is “NewOrganization”, add “NewOrganization” for both the long name and short name.
    3. Select the domain name for the customers site 
    4. Make sure the “Active” checkbox is selected
    5. Save the new Organization

That’s it!