DNS - Appsembler


Single server deployment

Customer should create an A record which points to the Elastic IP. We can then associate that Elastic IP with any EC2 instance. If the domain where they are going to host the site is a subdomain (i.e. learning.company.com), then we can give them a C NAME rather than a specific IP. This gives us more flexibility, if we need to change the IP for some reason.

Multi-server deployment

Customer needs to create C NAME records which point to the ELB name. This allows us to change the IP of the ELB, without the customer needing to update the DNS on their side.

Docker deployment

Have the customer set up three CNAME records. The subdomains don’t matter, but need to remain consistent on the customer’s DNS side and our Launcher’s Custom Domain Mapping side. e.g.:

  • example.com -> lms-<deployment_id>.demo.appsembler.com 
    • e.g. lms-openedxlite313775.demo.appsembler.com
  • studio.example.com -> example.com
  • preview.example.com -> example.com

Then add these three subdomains to: