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Display of Grades in edX

Final grades are shown on student dashboard – lms/templates/dashboard.html – once a course is completed.

Dashboard template includes _dashboard_certificate_information.html: 

  • Will display final grade if 
    • cert status is generating, ready, notpassing, or restricted
  • Final grade is stored in table certificates_generatedcertificate, column grade

Progress page and dashboard (have to check—it’s possible that the dashboard one is InterSystems only) include a complete course button:

  • clicking complete button will make a request to request_grade (certificates.views.request_grade).  The only place request_grade is called are from the dashboard and the progress page.
  • request_grade calls certificates.views.request_certificate
  • this checks certificates.models.certificate_status_for_student to see if one has already been generated, and will return a grade and the status of cert generation if one has.  If it hasn’t, a new GeneratedCertificate object is saved storing the grade for the course generated by coureware.grades.grade and a cert generation task is added to XQueue (in the case of InterSystems we have disabled adding to the queue since they don’t use actual certificates but do want the grading).  

Once complete course is cllicked and a certificate is generate (or at least the row is added to the db), then any additional scoring/work by the student will not affect the total grade shown on progress page  or dashboard for that course.  There is a management command that can regenerate a certificate and thereby also update the final course score for these cases, e.g., 

./manage.py lms regenerate_user -c va/ISC1010/2015_1 -u diane.grotewohl@spectrumhealth.org  --settings=aws

This actually marks the initial certificate as status=’unavailable’ and creates a new certificate.  The managment command has some additional params and is located in lms.djangoapps.certificates.management.regenerate_user

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