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Controlling where logged-in users are sent in Tahoe

By default, users who log in are sent to your dashboard page – /dashboard. Nice and easy, straight to their courses.

But that's not your only option! You have control over this yourself. There are a few benefits of doing this, including:

  • Being able to present learners with a guided experience, for example, accessing your learning tracks page over at /tracks.
  • Returning learners to your homepage, where they can see the latest announcements.
  • Taking learners directly to a specific course's about page, on very small sites with only one course.

Let's take a quick look at how to do this. 

First, head to your management console and head into Settings on the left hand side, making sure you're in the General Settings tab.

Once you're in there, simply scroll down to the setting labelled Redirect target after user login.

Here you simply need to enter a subpage of your site to sent learners to. Remember that this has to be a path that exists on your site, for example:

  • / – if you just type a slash with nothing else, your learners will go to the home or index page after logging in. For this to work, you also need to disable Always redirect to dashboard, just above this setting on the same page:
  • /courses – this will redirect learners to your Course Catalog
  • /tracks – this will redirect learners to your Tracks page
  • /courses/course-v1:org+ID201+2021/about – this will take learners directly to the about page for a single course. Note: Only do this if your site is only providing a single course! It'll be extremely annoying otherwise.

If you do direct learners to any particular page, ensure that page has ample instructions and links back to their dashboard, and remember that this will apply to everyone who logs in, not just their first time logging in!