AVL Sales Demos - Appsembler

AVL Sales Demos


We have several “stable” images for use in sales demos, all of which can be found at 
https://demo-avl.appsembler.com/images. To find any of these images, search for “stable” in the Projects or Images tab.

Some of the images are from our own Dockerfiles, others come from prebuilt images on Docker Hub. We create our own Dockerfiles only when needed, relying on the community when we can. (To view the Dockerfile, see the “Dockerfile” bullet point for each image/project below.)

You can confirm that an image is available in our private registry
at this link. (Ask the blue team for access if you cannot view that page.)

Data Science Examples


Jupyter, populated with notebooks

If you need an image to show the basic details of Jupyter,
stable/jupyter-with-exercises-3 is the right choice. Quickly show the power of Jupyter through several pre-populated examples.

  • Pull: docker pull gcr.io/appsembler-wharf-demo/stable/jupyter/with-exercises
  • AVL image: stable/jupyter-with-exercises-3
  • AVL project: stable/jupyter/with-exercises-3
  • Dockerfile: None; this was created via the admin functionality in AVL. Its parent is stable/jupyter<br>
  • Content: This image is populated with content from this repo: https://github.com/donnemartin/data-science-ipython-notebooks


Programming Examples

Theia IDE

Theia IDE + Python


This image contains the
official tutorial for a popular Javascript framework called React. The user can make changes in our editor and see those changes reflected immediately in another browser tab. 



Simple UI Display Examples

The WordPress and Drupal images work with a persistent MySQL container (titled “mysql-persist”) running on AVL Demo. The instructions in the widgets show how to connect to this database, and should be updated there. The current values (11OCT2018) that allow you to connect to this container are these: 

(note) the Database host and port are separate fields for Drupal but they are combined for WordPress.

  • database name: appsembler
  • database user: appsembler
  • database password: stockade-rocky-courtly-dade-flatcar
  • database host:
  • database port: 22383
  • database table prefix: [use any random string, other than the default wp_]