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Get the data

Navigate to http://.com/reporting/raw_history/csv.


Any of the data associated with a record can be deleted, so you won’t always find the related data in the dashboard. For example, if the record’s  Project field is populated, that project may not be in the database any longer, so you won’t see it on the dashboard. The same goes for Event, Event Class, Event Class Session, Image, Paired Image, and User Email. The logs you see here we will store forever, but the related objects may not be available in the dashboard.

Caveat: The email address serves as the unique identifier for a user, but there was a discrepancy in how we saved emails at one point. The same user may have two email addresses: one with some UPPERCASE characters in the domain name and another with all lowercase. Beware of this when filtering for monthly active users, though we likely only have a few of these on any given cluster.


“deployment”: One instance of a set of containers created by a learner. This is synonymous with “lab” and can include more than one “container”.

“container”: One instance of a Docker image which has been “run”. One “deployment” / “lab” can contain multiple containers.

Attribute definitions

Log ID: The database ID for this log. This has no correlation with the deploy_id, so likely does not factor at all in any calculations.

Action: The action taken by the application; e.g., if a lab is being created, we log DEPLOYMENT_CREATED. If it is being stopped, we log DEPLOYMENT_STOPPED. Note: this “action” is not always an action by the user, but merely any action taken by the system; these actions can be triggered by recurring procedures.

Project Name: The name of the project from which this container was started. This can be found in the “Projects” tab of the AVL dashboard (e.g.: https://demo-avl.appsembler.com/projects). Not all labs / deployments are started from projects; some are started from “events”.

Event / Event Class: The name of the event and class from which the deployment / lab was started. This can be found in the “Events” tab of the AVL dashboard (e.g.: https://demo-avl.appsembler.com/events). Not all labs are started from events, so these fields may be empty, in which case the Project field should be populated for this record.

Event Class Session: The session during which this deployment / lab was created. Sessions are identified by their start time. Session can be found on the events tab (e.g.: https://demo-avl.appsembler.com/events).

Image / Paired Image: The image and (optionally) paired image from which the deployment / lab was created. These can be found in the “Images” tab of the AVL dashboard (e.g.: https://demo-avl.appsembler.com/images).

Created: The time when this log record is created. This is not the time when a deployment / lab is created.


DEPLOYMENT_CREATED: The time when the deployment / lab was created. There should only be one of these per deployment / lab (but a user can of course have multiple labs).

DEPLOYMENT_STARTED: When a deployment was started. There can be many of these: it means both “started” and “restarted”.

DEPLOYMENT_STOPPED: When a deployment was stopped. There can be many of these: this action is triggered when a deployment hits its expiration time or when an admin manually stops a container from the dashboard.

DEPLOYMENT_DELETED: The time when a deployment was deleted.