Next week I’m going to be attending one of my favorite conferences of the year: PyCon. On friday, I’m giving a talk entitled Deploy your Python app in 5 min with a PaaS. If you’re going to be at PyCon, stop by and say hi! You can find me on Twitter (@natea) or IRC (natea).

This talk is a riff on the PaaS bakeoff talk, a presentation that I gave previously at the Django meetup last November. That talk went into great detail about how to configure your Django app to be able to deploy to various PaaS providers. In this talk for PyCon, I wanted to spend more time talking about the why of using a PaaS.

So the first part of the talk defines the problem by introducing Dave, a fictional CTO of a startup, and the challenges that he faces trying to manage his infrastructure on Amazon EC2, and how much time he has to spend on DevOps related tasks.

UPDATE: Here are the slides from my actual PyCon talk, which I’ve expanded to include the slides from the original Django deployment talk. If you want to hear the audio from the previous practice talk, see the slides at the bottom of this post.


Thanks to the Boston Python meetup, I got a chance to practice my talk last week as part of their PyCon on the Charles series. I’ve published the slides including synchronized audio (thanks to Phil Skaroulis for recording it!).



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