We’ve got your back.

With professional support from our team of Open edX experts, you can have peace of mind and focus on delivering incredible learning experiences.

Appsembler Customer Success Team

Success starts on Day 1

Your success is our success. Our Customer Success team is committed to helping you achieve your learning program’s goals and maximizing your learners’ success.

It all begins on Day 1 with our onboarding process, which is dedicated to understanding your goals and helping you get started as quickly and smoothly as possible. During onboarding, you’ll discover how easy it is to author course content, how you and your team can hit the ground running, and how you can access the wealth of resources exclusively available to you as an Appsembler customer.

Whether you’re new to LMS’s or a veteran user, our onboarding will get your learning program moving in the right direction instantly.

Become a power user with our team of experts

Have a question about creating your first course, or your tenth course? Not sure where to find a particular feature in Open edX LMS or Studio?

Our team of in-house experts is here to help. No AI, no robots, no outsourced support. Real people committed to helping you become a power user. If the answer to your question is not in our comprehensive Knowledge Base, our Customer Success team is by your side to help you with any support or training needs.


  • Knowledge base

    Appsembler curates a knowledge base to help you get the answers you need about our products and Open edX when you need them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always send our support team a note. Not only will we resolve your issue, we’ll thank you for helping us fill a gap in our Knowledge Base!

    View our Knowledge base
  • YouTube

    In addition to the videos we have in our Knowledge Base, we also have an extensive collection of YouTube videos. Much like the Appsembler Blog, videos cover a wide range of topics that will help you plan, build, and deliver successful online learning experiences.

    View our YouTube Channel

Flexible support plans to meet your needs

Appsembler offers complimentary support to all customers. But sometimes you need to have more than one person submitting tickets or need faster response times or extended coverage hours.

Appsembler offers three premium support plans that provide you with the certainty and comfort you need for you, your team, and your learners.

Select the plan that makes the most sense for you.

  • Support Feature
    Gold Not available at current time
  • Appsembler Knowledge Base
  • Named Client Contact(s)
  • # submitted issues per month via Appsembler Customer Support email
  • Support Response Availability (These are response times, not resolution times. US bank holidays excluded)
    9-5 Eastern Time US, Mon-Fri
    9-5 Eastern Time US, Mon-Fri
    9-5 Eastern Time US, Mon-Fri
    8-8 Eastern Time Us, Sun-Sat, No off days
  • Critical Issue response times
    8 hours
    4 hours or less
    2 hours or less
    1 hour or less
  • Major Issue response times
    2 business days
    1 business day
    1 business day
    4 hours or less
  • Minor Issue response times
    2 business days
    1 business day
    1 business day

“Today’s workforce is more mobile and they learn differently. They want immediate answers to their questions at their fingertips. We needed a solution to build online training from the perspective of customer satisfaction, and that’s why we turned to Appsembler, relying on their incredible expertise around leveraging the Open edX platform.”

Jim Breen
Jim Breen Director, Learning Services // InterSystems
Appsembler Open edX in action