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SSO Solutions for Open edX – InterSystems (1 of 3)

Depending on how you’re using Open edX at your organization, you may find yourself in a situation where you want to integrate systems together. Perhaps your learners will already have some sort of account with your organization and you only want them to have to log in the one time. With Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions, this can be accomplished!

Here at Appsembler, we have a few clients that we’ve worked with to build SSO solutions. Each client is different, and therefore each requires a unique solution to make their Open edX site work for them. Join us over the course of three blogs as we explore the unique single sign-on solutions we’ve developed with and for our clients.


First up is InterSystems, which has one of the most advanced integrations of single sign-on. The login, registration, user management side of Open edX is all totally hidden. The users creates an account in Totara, browses courses, and after selecting a course, is automatically logged in, and enrolled to the course in edX.

  • Identity Provider: InterSystems’ own company-wide Oauth 2.0 auth server.
  • Auto-registration enabled: Yes, if the user is not registered in Open edX, he/she will be automatically registered. Open edX will retrieve the full name, username, and email address from the IdP, without email confirmation.
  • Starting point: Totara LMS
  • Open edX login and registration system enabled: No

Step 1

The user goes to Totara LMS and selects “Log in”


Step 2

The user is redirected to the OAuth 2.0 server to login.


Step 3

After a successful login, the user is redirected to Totara LMS again and can select a course.


Step 4

All the course information is displayed; all this happens in Totara LMS.


Step 5

The user enrolls in the selected course


Step 6

The users clicks on “Start the course!”


Step 7

The user is finally redirected to Open edX. The user is already logged in on Open edX and enrolled in on the course.


This is just one of many ways Open edX can be integrated with an SSO solution. We’re going to be releasing two more examples of how this looks in practice in the near future, so stay tuned by following us on Twitter.