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Open source and open clouds

I was invited to speak at an event sponsored by EMC called Technology Directions: Keeping it Real. Open Source Software- What’s the Buzz All About? which was hosted by MassChallenge on May 23, 2013.

I used Screenflow Pro to record my presentation and audio from my computer.

I split the talk into 3 parts:

  • about me and my company Appsembler
  • what is open source and why is it important
  • what is the open cloud and where are we heading

I didn’t know whether the audience would already be familiar with open source, so I used a couple analogies to illustrate what makes open source software different from proprietary commercial software.

  • Giving cookies to someone versus giving them the cookie and the recipe for how to make it.
  • Buying a car in which the hood is welded shut (yes, Volvo actually made such a car!)

For the open cloud part of my talk, I told a story about the shipping industry in the Bay Area and about how Oakland embraced the “containerization” of shipping, whereas San Francisco was too much invested in the old way and didn’t adapt.

Within a few years, Oakland had surpassed San Francisco as the leading shipping port on the West Coast. This story fed nicely into the analogy of containerization of shipping that Dotcloud so eloquently describes in theDocker documentation.

I knew there was going to be someone from EMC and Rackspace talking after me after OpenStack, so I focused on PaaS providers and the emerging open source ones like Redhat’s OpenShift and VMWare’s CloudFoundry.

I finish the talk by highlighting some trends around increased adoption of open technologies.

Take a look and send me your feedback in the comments below!