Launch your Open edX Training Site in 30 minutes
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Meet the Launch Over Lunch Series: Launch Your Training Site in 30 Minutes

Are you new to Open edX and want to get up and running with a beautifully themed site? Or, perhaps you’re a user already familiar with the platform and are looking to brush up on your skills? You’re in good company. Lets show you how to launch your training site in 30 minutes!

In the spirit of fresh starts, we are thrilled to introduce Appsembler’s Launch Over Lunch webinar series.

What is the Launch Over Lunch Series?

The Launch Over Lunch series is a sequence of live webcasts designed to provide both new and experienced Open edX users with the insights they need to get started — fast.

In these sessions, we’ll roll up our metaphorical sleeves, walk through the basics and get down to business by demonstrating how to:

  • Build and theme your own Open edX site
  • Create your first Open edX course
  • Provide your learners with hands-on labs and exercises

Start your training season with a fresh perspective by joining:

How to Build and Launch Your Training Site in 30 Minutes

In this session, we’ll walk through how to build and launch a branded Open edX training site — with zero technical resources. Appsembler’s VP Marketing, Cesar Rufo, will demonstrate step-by-step how you can spin up a themed site without touching a single line of code.

What’s Next

Have a particular topic in mind that you’d like to see us cover? Let us know — you can message us in the live chat widget or you can contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

See you there!